Our collaboration with Finnish farms

At Nokka, we use the finest Finnish ingredients. Our VIP certificates are issued only to our carefully selected suppliers, in recognition of their unstinting work to promote Finnish gastronomy and food production. The ingredients we receive from our VIP suppliers are of unsurpassed quality and we take pride in the fact that we have developed a direct, personal relationship with each of them, and we have first-hand experience of their production methods and conditions.

Our collaborations with Finnish farms first kicked off with the wild reindeer sourced from Salla in Lapland, the duck from Alhopakka and the lamb from Bovik. Over the years, these collaborations have continued to broaden and grow and we have gained new partners, who help us to deliver an authentic experience to all our customers, all year round.


At the moment we are in co-operation with these producers:

Sallan villiporo



Gobbas Gård

Vääksyn Mylly

Lentävä Lehmä

Kirkkonummen Mehiläistuote

Mustila Viinitila Oy


Herrakunnan Lammas 

Peltolan Meijeri


Lepaan viinitila



Järki särki

Joy of North

Helsingin Meijeriliike

Laidun Hereford


Saloniemen Juustola

Tauko Design



Johan & Nyström